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Adding Value to your Property through New Bathroom Fitters


Many home built in the past used to have only one bathroom. Family members typically complain about the inconvenience of having a single bathroom particularly in the morning when everyone is hurrying to go to school or work. Nowadays, if there is one home improvement that families prefer, it is adding new bathrooms to increase the comfort of day-to-day living without having to wait in line for your turn. However, adding new bathrooms mean a substantial investment since you have to hire the professional new bathroom fitters for the job. If you add floor space to the new bathroom and install granite countertops and designer sink basins, expect to spend more. However, proper planning between you and the new bathroom fitters will provide more profitable returns on your investment.


ROI on a new bathroom


According to Remodeling magazine’s 2010’s Remodeling Cost & Value Report, you can expect to recoup at least 59% of the cost on a mid-range bathroom addition of 48 square feet with marble vanity top, fiberglass bath/shower combination and ceramic tile floor. The only home improvement that has higher ROI than a new bathroom is a sunroom. According to the National Association of Home builders adding a new bathroom is a great way to increase a property’s value in the housing market.


Adding a new bathroom for accessibility


Some homeowners find it more practical to add a new bathroom near the living areas to make it accessible to both family members and guests. If an ageing parent moves into the home, a new bathroom helps in maintaining his independence. The new bathroom fitters can increase the bathroom space by knocking down some walls for wheelchair accessibility.


Alternatives to a new bathroom


If you cannot afford to have a new bathroom built, you can always remodel the existing one. You can create space by removing all the clutter and adding some extra storage for personal items. Proper organization of the bathroom also allows for easy cleaning. Add some touches of creativity by using color and lights. The color, décor, fixtures and materials should look appropriate enough to harmonize with rest of the home.